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I am super, super impressed with Swingpal! I have been getting lessons for years and Jim Williams told me something no one has ever told me. He talked about my shoulder plane and how it's too flat and I need to steepen it. Then he gave me a drill to do it. He also gave me another drill to help set the club better. Please let Jim know how impressed and excited I am.

Phil Charlottesville, Va.

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Correct the Over the Top Downswing

SwingFix Staff May 1

Two of our top SwingFix instructors, Karen Palacios-Jansen and Jim Williams give you the key to correcting the over the top downswing, which is a common fault among golfers. 

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The Practice Range: Focus on your finish

Bernard Sheridan, Swingpal instructor Sep 9

Tip of the Week: Create better posture angles staff Sep 6

Tip of the Week: Control your head movement staff Aug 29

The Practice Range: Improve your setup staff Aug 26

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